Rotating X-ray anodes

Rotating X-ray anodes made of molybdenum alloys
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For the high-resolution devices used in general X-ray applications, mammography, angiography and computed tomography, Plansee develops and manufactures extremely robust X-ray anodes and components for X-ray tubes. The product range includes anodes made from molybdenum alloys such as TZM and MHC with focal tracks consisting of various tungsten-rhenium alloys. Plansee manufactures molybdenum-vanadium and molybdenum-niobium targets that are specially designed for use in mammography applications and which can be optionally equipped with precious metal focal tracks. The product range also comprises material combinations including copper and precious metals and brazed graphite elements on the metallic disc. As braze materials V/Ta/Zr composites, titanium, zirconium and other materials are used. Plansee supplies anodes as ready-to-use assemblies including the rotor, heat shield and shaft.

  • Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating
  • x-ray application
  • medical industry
  • security industry

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6600 Reutte - Austria