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Rotimat 1a Spray Cleaning For Diverse Workpieces


The ROTIMAT 1A has been designed for the spray cleaning of all workpieces that can be placed in the sturdy rotating basket. After production or repair, the workpieces and parts are cleaned with a hot aqueous cleaning medium that is sprayed onto the parts from all sides. The unit can be loaded from the front, or from the top, using lifting gear. The compact machine is equipped with four castors for easy relocation within the factory. Cleaning with aqueous media (acidic, neutral or alkaline) Universell cleaning unit for many different workpieces Compact portable unit with castors Drying without external heat input, or with optional extractor fan Available as 1bath unit with loading of the unit via Manual loading

Cleaning machines, industrial
  • Aqueous Cleaning
  • Rotimat Aqueous
  • Universell Cleaning

Product features

Application Industry suppliers; cutting/non-cutting machining
Suitable for Single parts, bulk material in carriers; parts on carriers/racks
Basket Diameter 1.000 mm, height 650 mm
Weight 300 kg

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