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Route Access Surveys

Abnormal Load Route Access Surveys


Collett Consulting route access surveys take into account horizontal and vertical alignments, weight and dimensional issues across all types of roads, structures and environments. Used extensively for heavy transport, abnormal loads and wind turbine components, Collett Consulting's detailed route access surveys provide in-depth route analysis to identify the most suitable delivery path. Our route access surveys provide an outlined analysis of how your project, cargo or components will be delivered to their destination. With wind turbine blades increasing in size and the development of new equipment to facilitate heavy transport, it's imperative that delivery routes from port to pad site are surveyed in their entirety for any restrictions that could impact on delivery. Used extensively throughout the renewable energy industry for identifying the safest route for wind turbine components, our surveys provide an in depth route analysis of the entire proposed route for abnormal loads.

Transport - heavy loads
  • Abnormal Load Route Access Surveys
  • Transport consulting
  • In-depth route analysis

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