Based on the decisive properties of the flexible material, the rubberised filter press is mainly used for the filtration of particularly aggressive suspensions and environments. The aggressive suspensions include, for example, solvents or acids. In this context, the conventional painting of the steel parts is no longer sufficient. THE RUBBERIZED FILTER PRESS OF MSE AS PROTECTIVE MEASURES AGAINST AGGRESSIVE SUSPENSIONS In a complex process, the load-bearing filter press components are coated with a layer of 3mm thick plastic. In the case of the rubberised filter press, the hydraulic stands, feed stand, pressure plate and supporting beams are hard rubberised and the smaller components are made of polypropylene. It is also possible to rubberise only the components in contact with the product, such as the feed stand and the pressure plate. The composition of the rubber coating depends on the special surface requirements of our customers.

Drainage systems and equipment
  • filter press
  • sludge dewatering
  • waste water treatment

Product features

Product Features Steel frame with hard rubber coating
Product Features Prot. against aggressive suspensions
Product Features Protection against corrosion
Product Features Long life span
Product Features Easy cleaning

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