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S1 Entry Into The Cleaning With Solvents


The modular, preassembled PERO S1 units are available at short notice for your specific application The compact S1 degreases and cleans components made from various materials and of many different geometries and degrees of machining. The S1 is designed for dirt and grease removal at low energy and resource consumption. It therfore is the ideal entrylevel unit for cleaning with solvents in a closed system. The integrated distilling unit ensures process safety and efficient cleaning at a consistently high level. Cleaning with hydrocarbons or modified alcohols with a flash point > 55°C; other solvents on request 530 x 320 x 200 mm or 530 x 365 x 250 mm Entrylevel mpdel for cleaning with solvent in closed system Configurable for short cycle times Vapour degreasing in 1st process step Available as 1bath unit with loading of the unit via Manual charging unit Automatic charging unit

Cleaning machines, industrial
  • Compact S1
  • Grease Removal
  • Cleaning Solvents

Product features

Application Industry suppliers; cutting/non-cutting machining
Suitable for Bulk material; parts on carriers/racks
Weight 80 kg

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