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Scheuch customers expect the very best and that is why the SwingOut and PullOut radial fan models have a key advantage over other industrial-grade fans: The impeller can be cleaned in a very short amount of time. As the motor and impeller are both installed on a single door, the entire subassembly can be swung out to the rear. The impeller is therefore easy to clean and can also be removed or replaced quickly if necessary. Even larger fans with an impeller weight of several hundred pounds and an impeller diameter up to 1,250 mm are available. The PullOut model is available for direct-driven, belt-driven and coupling-driven fans. With this type of fan, the impeller is removed from the housing together with the motor bracket and the motor itself, making it again quick and easy to clean.

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Radial fans are an indispensable part of most operational processes in ventilation systems. In cases where extremely large volumes need to be moved or transported, or where a critical impeller mass is exceeded, radial fans with bearings at both sides are an ideal choice. This type of equipment is available in single-flow and double-flow versions. However, the robust design of Scheuch COMPONENTS radial fans makes it possible to achieve large volumetric flows even with unilateral bearings (i.e. single-flow systems). Bearings can be provided on both sides if requested by the customer, and this configuration is implemented as standard above a critical impeller mass. With their flow-optimized suction pockets, double-flow radial fans make it possible to create efficient designs for transporting and diverting conveyed media – even when space is tight. Altogether, there are various factors and criteria that make double-flow radial fans a favourable option.

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Thanks to the high level of modularization, we can cater to specific customer requirements and develop tailor-made solutions as a matter of course. Scheuch COMPONENTS offers customized production of radial fans to accommodate special customer requirements. Thanks to our extensive expertise, customers are guaranteed maximum availability and a long service life, regardless of whether the air is carrying chips, fibrous material or aggressive or explosive gas mixtures. As a result of using fans in entire systems, Scheuch COMPONENTS has acquired a wealth of experience with specific requirements in a wide range of sectors and industries. For example, hot gas radial fans for high temperatures or double flow radial fans for large volumetric flows. For systems that need to be cleaned more frequently, SwingOut & PullOut radial-fans can be used.

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It’s not only sewage and recycling plants that find it hard to avoid unpleasant odours; they can be an issue in food production and agricultural settings, too. However, integrating an exhaust-air system with an odour filter can help plant operators to minimize the odour levels which their employees, neighbours and the environment are exposed to. The modular Odour Emission Control OEC filter concept from Scheuch COMPONENTS reduces odours and significantly contributes to complying with and even undershooting the legal regulations and permissible limits for odour emissions. Depending on the intensity of the odour emissions and the size of the hall, the Scheuch OEC system is equipped with one or more biofilters which extract and clean the polluted air. Microorganisms contained in the filter’s bulk material ensure that odours are eliminated and the air is dehumidified. In a second step, a downstream duct filter removes dust and other particles from the air.

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Scheuch COMPONENTS GmbH boasts extensive expertise in the devices and components business for industrial plant construction. This expertise has been developed over more than 55 years and passed on from generation to generation. With machines and components available in a range of different sizes to suit virtually any industry, Scheuch COMPONENTS provides customers around the globe with solutions featuring sophisticated technology in the areas of radial fans, plant components, soundproofing, conveying elements and exhaust gas cleaning. Customer-oriented production and high-quality manufacturing in Austria are always at the heart of the company's activities.


OEC Geruchsfilter von Scheuch COMPONENTS

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