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Submersible degreasing aerator The AEROSPEED is a submersible degreasing aerator that produces microbubbles which in turn causes grease to float onto the liquid surface. The unit is easy and simple to operate and install. Robust IP68 cast iron motor, coated with epoxy and equipped with a temperature control sensor Motor specially adapted to the constraints of operating a submerged degreasing aerator according to Europelec standards Stainless steel suction tube Stainless steel frame specially designed to optimize the hydraulic flow Stainless steel propeller specifically designed to ensure simultaneous mixing and suction of air.

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Submerged self-aspirating aerator for wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial applications. Ideal for the Aeration of shallow and medium depth sewage treatment plant tanks. Suitable for buer basins, aeration tanks, aerated lagoons and SBR reactors. Size ranges from 4kW to 37 kW. IP68 Robust motor in epoxy coated cast iron, equipped with temperature control probe Motor specifically adapted for operating submerged and at high-speed in accordance with europelec stan- dards AISI-304 or AISI-316 stainless steel frame specially designed to optimise performance Discharge channels distributing the airflow to optimize aeration and mixing

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Diffuser cover made of reinforced polypropylene Diffuser cover made of reinforced polypropylene Polypropylene mounting collar with A4 screw fixing Silicone gasket within the assembly Mounting on stainless steel pipe in DN40 or PVC 5 Mountings with smooth orifice/smooth air sleeve in polypropylene 30% glass fibre Mountings with tapped orifice/Air sleeve for tapped outlet in polypropylene 30% glass fibre Shark fin shape diffuser design limit the adhesion of solid and fibrous residues. Self-cleaning orifices whose profile privides the formation of homogeneous bubbles and avoids coalescence or breakdown The geometry of the self cleaning diffuser outlets guarantees the formation of homogeneous bubbles regardless of the air flow rates within the operating range. Compatibility with high temperatures up to 110°c

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Diffusers designed for aeration of activated sludge basins and tanks in Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment plants. Quick and easy to assemble by Rotating Diffusers clockwise into Screwed connection. Designed to give optimum performance. DIFFUSER BODY The manufacture of this component in Glass Reinforced Polypropylene gives it excellent resistance to abrasion, most chemicals with significant mechanical strength. EPDM MEMBRANE The EPDM Membrane prevents the penetration of water into the distribution pipework when the air is stopped. CLAMPING TYPE AQUADISC® 250-305: Clamps are manufactured in stainless steel or polypropylene and secures the membrane to the diuser body; AQUADISC® 320: Clamp made of glass fibre reinforced polypropylene. THREAD 3/4’’ CONICAL GAS TYPE FITTING Allows Aquadisc® difusers are mounted by simple turning clockwise

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SFA ENVIRO (AQUATURBO & EUROPELEC), manufacturer of specialist wastewater treatment equipment, develops and sells a wide range of equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial effluent worldwide, predominantly under its two historical brand names: AQUATURBO and EUROPELEC. SFA Enviro offers a wide range of constantly updated equipment, including: - slow or rapid surface and underwater turbines, - fine and medium bubble aeration ramps, - mixers / agitators, - system to eliminate foam and floating matter, - floating spillways, - spillways for SBR. Our R&D teams ensure we offer optimal quality in all our products and services. We have our own in-house test basin where we can evaluate the performance of all our systems to ensure they meet the technical standards we guarantee. Our technicians offer tailored, personalised support to every client at every stage of a project, from design to commissioning, to make sure their precise needs and requirements are followed every step of the way: - project technical management and oversight, - expert consultancy for the installation of all types of equipment in relation to technical and regulatory constraints, - leasing and maintenance services for our aeration solutions. We provide a comprehensive service that cements our company's reputation on a daily basis.


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