Single-disc sanding machine for sanding, padding, cleaning, milling


The all-rounder in the floor treatment! Strong on wood and ideal for sub-floor treatment. Sanding, padding, cleaning, milling - no problem for the SINGLE. It is the reliable single disc sanding machine for both, fine and coarse applications. Thanks to the dust-proof motor and the very robust metal gear, it can withstand even heavy loads. Due to this construction it is almost maintenance-free. The continuously adjustable working angle of the handle allows flexible adaptation to the user and room conditions. In addition, the ergonomically shaped handle allows the SINGLE to be fully controlled in every situation. An integrated adapter permits an external vacuum cleaner to be connected. Applications with the SINGLE: In addition to sanding, padding and dry cleaning of wooden floors, the single-disc sanding machine is also suitable for intensive dry underfloor treatment due to its sophisticated technology and robust construction in combination with the appropriate accessories.

Wood sanding machines
  • sanding
  • parquet
  • floor

Product features

Single-phase AC motor 230 V / 1,2 kW
Necessary fuse protection at least 16 A
Diameter of disc 406 mm / 16''
Speed of disc approx. 180 1/min (rpm)
Overall weight of machine 45 kg ( approx. 99 lbs)

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