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• Orifice (DN): 0.6 mm • Pressure range: 0.5 – 10 bar • Operating voltage: 6 VDC • Power consumption: max. 1.4 W • Degree of protection: IP65 Staiger pilot valves are used in order to operate non-contact water taps in energy-saving mode. These valves fitted with microbatteries operate only after being actuated by an electrical impulse. This impulse is triggered by moving your hand in front of the sensor, which triggers the extremely robust pilot valve. After water has been dispensed, the valve returns to its inoperative position. This valve is characterized by robustness, durability and small size. Benefit The low power consumption by the impulse control is ideally suited for use in electronically controlled taps with battery operation. The valve is constructed entirely of water-approved materials and is certified according to KTW, W270, WRAS, ACS and NSF 61.

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Miniaturized media-separated 2-way valve in the 8 mm series to control challenging media. This compact, media-separated valve is suitable for precise dosing of neutral and aggressive gases and liquids. Due to the relatively simple design, the valve can be adapted to specific customer requirements without much effort. For example, connection geometry, sealing material and rated voltage can be easily adjusted.

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Deployment Miniaturized 3/2-way cartridge valve in the 8 mm Spider series.This valve can be used as a pneumatic pilot valve or for direct control for precise metering of gases or liquids. Benefits This very compact valve is suitable for direct mounting in a valve block. All pneumatic or hydraulic connections can be integrated in the valve block.

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In powered mode, the field strength generated in the solenoid pulls the plunger against the spring tension out of the non-powered position. Solenoids for DC and AC voltage add considerably to the range of technical variants. As the solenoid encompasses the plunger guide tube and the plunger moves in this encapsulated structure, these solenoid valves are called plunger valves.

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Staiger develops and manufactures high-quality solenoid valves and fluidic control systems for a wide range of applications. We have continued to successfully innovate for over 40 years, offering new products and customer-specific solutions with a focus on proportional valve and drinking water technology. We are a family-owned, family-run business with around 200 employees that develops and produces solenoid valves and valve blocks to meet the requirements of our customers, who are international market leaders in the fields of medical technology, automotive manufacturing, industry, pneumatics, aerospace engineering and drinking water technology. All our production takes place at our site in Erligheim, near Stuttgart, ranging from individual items and larger batches to mass production. We also develop all our manufacturing and testing equipment in-house. This expertise allows us to create cost-efficient solutions that constitute a real competitive advantage for our customers.



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Johannes-Bieg-Strasse 8

74391 Erligheim - Germany


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    101 – 200
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  • Valves for sanitary fittings
  • Shut-off valves
  • Cartridge valves
  • Dosing valves
  • valves for gas
  • solenoids
  • Solenoid valves, bistable
  • membrane valves
  • Micro-hydraulic valves
  • microvalves