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Spark erosion involves removing material from a conducting part and eroding it to give it the desired shapes and dimensions by means of electrical discharges. In the wire sparks erosion process an unwinding metal wire, under tension, is immersed in water or in another insulating liquid (dielectric) with the part to be worked. The current transmitted forms an electric arc which gives rise to precise, programmed degradation of a section of the part. The residues created by wearing of the part are removed by the water or dielectric liquid. STEEC carries out both spark erosion and fine wire micro spark erosion operations Wires spark erosion and machining Equipped with the latest wire spark erosion technologies, STEEC is able to carry high precision cutting with wires of standard sizes whose diameter may vary from 0.15 to 0.25 mm in all types of mechanical parts.

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STEEC has been a pioneering company in cutting and laser micro-cutting in France. Since the first YAG industrial laser in France was installed in the premises of the company in 1983. 30 years ago STEEC developed unique know-how and competence in this field which it offers its customers as part of its subcontracting service. The company now has 5 laser cutting machines which enable it to meet a wide range of requirements. These machines, in which the company continually investing, have been custom designed according to STEEC specification in order to comply with the quality and precision standards demanded by the customers. Using its highly efficient innovating machines STEEC carries out very high precision cutting on flat and tubular parts with thickness ranging from 3mm to 2µm !

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This modern machining technology offers a host of advantages over more conventional processes. STEEC makes available to its customers its know-how in micro drilling by spark erosion. The principle of this machining process is the same as for wire spark erosion, except that the tool used for cutting is no longer a wire but an electrode shaped according to the precision machining require. The part and the tool (electrode) are not therefore in contact with each other, in fact it is an electric arc formed between the electrode and the part that will machine the latter. This is also called sparking. The part must be necessarily be conducting to be able to be machined by this method and it is prerequisite for using this method. This absence of contact between the tool and the part makes it possible to machine very hard materials such as titanium for example.

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At its 4 CN machining centres STEEC drills and taps holes of very small dimensions down to diameters of a few tenths of microns. STEEC carries out micro-drilling work on conventional machining centres. STEEC is able to machine parts in small and medium series or units parts that may have several tens of thousands of holes per parts. The company has acquired know-how and expertise recognized by multiple audits by major contractors in this technology. These audits have also led to special prestigious certifications. This technical solution may be applied in all industrial sectors, from aerospace to the medical sector, also including research or the automotive industry.

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Founded in 1979 by Paul Rolland, STEEC is part of ABC Technology and specialised in the field of laser machining and high precision micro-mechanics. STEEC has acquired specific skills over the years and has forged a solid reputation in France and Europe. STEEC is able to satisfy even the most complex high-tech requirements like for micro-machining in drilling and milling. Today we work for the most industrial demanding sectors, such as aeronautics, aerospace, space, automobile, medical, research centres, nuclear, fine watchmaking ... Thanks to our quality management process, STEEC has been awarded ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2017 certifications. We therefore have a perfect understanding of client issues to reliably and systematically measure our system's performance and constant improvement.

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Nouvelle acquisition, le tour DMG Mori !

Nouvelle acquisition, le tour DMG Mori !

Product launch ・ 1 Jul 2021

STEEC s’équipe d’une nouvelle technologie et pas des moindres, le DMG MORI NEF 400 ! Le tour DMG MORI est doté d’une stabilité et d’une précision hors pair pour réaliser des usinages parfaits. L’appareil connaît une fiabilité optimale qui garantit une sûreté de bon fonctionnement sur le long terme. En effet, la politique de la société est de toujours mettre au service de ses clients des technologies d’usinage toujours plus performantes afin de répondre aux exigences de l’infiniment précis. De plus, cette technologie est conçue pour pouvoir fonctionner en totale autonomie, ce qui assure un véritable gain de temps en ce qui concerne la production pour STEEC, mais également pour ses clients. STEEC et son tour DMG MORI NEF 400 attendent vos nouvelles demandes d’usinage de précision avec impatience !


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