STRATE Data recording: For state monitoring and machine diagnosis


The recording of operating data such as flow volumes, pumping pressure, operating hours and power consumption of the pumps etc. is essential for the state monitoring of – usually municipal – pumping stations and pressure line as well as for the diagnosis of machine components. Data recording system with LCD display for the electronic acquisition, display, recording, evaluation, remote transmission and archiving of up to 6 analogue and digital input signals. Product features For daily, monthly, annual evaluation; meter statuses, operating times and volumes; min., max. and mean value recording Multi-colour display, digital, bar chart and graph representation Archiving in the internal memory and on compact flash card (no data lost in the event of a power failure!) Remote data transmission via standardised interfaces Suitable for door installation in the AWAcontrol control cabinet

Monitoring and control equipment
  • Monitoring Machine
  • Lcd Monitoring
  • Monitoring Recording

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