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The gas cyclone belongs to the mostly applied technical separators, because it has applicationwise some fundamental advantages. One of them is certainly the fact that its construction does not show any movable components. For the large variety of different kinds of dispersed (particulate) phases (for example dust particles, metal chips, wooden waste, liquid droplets) and different gas conditions (pressure, temperature) the lay out and computation of a cyclone is still a complex task. Suvis has specialised in the development and lay out of cyclone separators and can offer professional solutions and consulting in the area of gas cyclones. Many years of experience gained through numerous cyclone development projects results in optimal solutions for our customers. A cyclone separator applies centrifugal forces and represents an effective apparatus for separating gas, liquid or solid particles from a continuous phase in chemical, process or environmental engineering.


Hydro cyclone units are applied in order to separate coarse and fine solid particles from liquids . These type of separators are particularly capable of separating sand, starch, and other finely distributed materials. With hydro cyclones it is possible to separate fine particles online during the process. Hydro cyclone units are used to separate, classify, and to thicken suspensions. Also, these units are used to purify ores and minerals. Also, in fibre technique and paper industry they are applied in purification processes to separate dirt. Hydro cyclones are frequently run in parallel mode. The lay out and design of hydro cyclones are performed empirically similar to the duct cyclones. In the lower flow region of a hydro cyclone an air swirl forms during the separation process, which is not substantially influencing the cyclone flow. Because of the large dimension of the cyclone, wall friction has much more influence on the flow.


The Suvis GmbH also deals with the application of modern numerical methods for the lay out and optimisation of various separator types like cyclones. A typical application of these computation methods is the computer aided investigation of particle separation from gases in cyclones. The prediction of the separation efficiency allows the reliable optimisation of conventional cyclones and the development of completely novel high efficiency cyclones. With that, very often expensive filter units, wet cleaner, or costly electro filters can be replaced or completed. When applying numerical methods (CFD simulations) to cyclones one encounters the problem of strong curvature of the stream lines because of the resulting strong swirl flow and the abrupt change of flow direction towards the outlet tube. This means that the assumption of isotropic turbulence is not useful anymore.


Another working area of the Suvis GmbH is the field of innovative sensor systems applied to particle and flow measurements taking into account microsystems. We develop novel flow and particle sensor systems for the application in environmental technology, process and mechanical engineering, and automotive technology. Important aspects are robustness and economicalness of the complete sensor system in order to create for the above mentioned application fields practical and affordable solutions. The respective sensor system will be developed as a whole solution. This means besides the hardware set up that we also take care of the evaluation of the sensor signals with our own solutions. We develop from scratch up to prototype level including periphery technology development. Please contact us for a not binding offer. We would like to know more about your challenge!

We offer comprehensive advice and services for fluid mechanics problems, in the both the experimental and digital/simulation fields, focussing on multiphase flows. We also support companies in designing particle separators with modern, metrological processes and digital flow simulation CFD. Another core element of our business lies in spray technology for fluids. We provide spray nozzle designs and spray analyses using modern optical measuring procedures.


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