Sample containers, sterile

Tightly closing sample container with attached, vertically fixable snap-on lid
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The sample containers sterile are sterilised by irradiation and correspond to a sterility assurance level Sterile SAL 10-3 (according to ISO 11137) inside. The handy and universally applicable sample jar is easy to fill, smooth-walled and free of undercuts, therefore it can be emptied completely. It is an excellent universal container for all liquid and solid contents. The attached lid of the sample container can be opened with one hand and fixed at a 90° angle. This leaves the other hand free to take samples. Liquid/condensate in the lid runs into a collecting channel integrated in the lid, nothing is lost, nothing can drip off. The sample boxes are closed while hot during production. Due to this process, the sample boxes close absolutely tightly, as the lid and box adapt optimally during the cooling process. The sample container made of PP is highly transparent, the contents of the container can be easily recognised.

  • Quality control and certification
  • sampling
  • quality control
  • Laboratory equipment and instruments

Product characteristics

PP, transparent
50 ml - 90 ml - 300 ml

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79415 Bad Bellingen - Germany