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Centrifugal Screening Vibration/rotation screening plants – the solution for fatty, oily and light products The vibration/rotation screening machine enables the screening of products that are difficult to screen and that would smear up screen inserts. This relates in particular to fat-containing and oiled products and products with very light bulk weights. For this purpose, an eddy current is generated by a wing rotating in screening half shells. Through targeted vibration overlays of the the outer screen fabric a seal of the fabric is prevented, thus ensuring a high-quality screening even for procedurally sensitive products. Technical data Screening area 0.5 or 0.9 m² Mesh width: 75-10,000 µm Product-contacting parts: Rustproof materials Cleanability: Completely cleanable Number of fractions: 2 Product feeding: Extractable dosing screw Throughput: Depends on mesh size and the product Number of plants: 2 Areas of application Grinding of soft products without temperature i