Vision inspection system


Complete optical packaging inspection Vision inspection system SealSecure checks the seal and seams on the package, labels and information on the top and bottom or the sides of the products. The stand-alone vision inspection device detects non-conforming packages prior to packaging and rejects them, if there are product, package discrepancies or deviations. The staff are then immediately warned visually and audibly in order to be able to intervene and rectify the problem. Vision inspection system SealSecure prevents extensive and costly rework, eliminating claims and product recalls due to non-conforming packages. In addition, the Vision inspection system SealSecure ensures that only flawless products reach the market or end user. In addition, all the product images are saved in the production system and the relevant production reports are generated, the vision inspection system contributes to complete traceability of the production line. The Vision inspection system SealSecure...

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