Base surfaces Standard surfaces can be applied at our in-house electro-plating unit. We also make use of a network of outstanding industry partners able to apply the best surface for every application. Zinc-galvanised with various passivations (CrVI-free) Zinc-nickel-galvanised with various passivations (CrVI-free) Zinc flake coatings for various standard product families Phosphate coatings Further base surfaces on request Topcoats ARNOLD UMFORMTECHNIK GmbH & Co. supplies various organic and inorganic topcoats, seals and low-friction coatings. The appropriate products for the galvanised surfaces or zinc flake coatings can be selected from very many options in the range. Low-friction coatings Seals Seals with integral lubricant Organic and inorganic coatings (different colours on request) The low-friction coatings meet the VDA 235-104 friction coefficient requirements – total µ of 0.09 to 0.14. Further friction value ranges can be adapted on request.

Seals - custom packaging
  • Seals
  • low-friction coatings
  • fastening

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