Secutex Fixed Coating


secutex coated lifting straps gently adapt to the „sharp edges“ of the load. The extreme structural resistance of the secutex material safely prevents any cutting of the load lifting accessory. For very „sharp edges“ the coated lifting strap is preferable since it reliably prevents movement over the edge. We offer two different types of fixed coating. The secutex fixed coating protects the single sided secutex coating against cuts to the loadbearing textile.The reverse side is protected against abrasion and dirt by the Powerflex thin coating. The lifting straps with secutex fixed coatings are very flexible and easytouse. The twosided fixed coating provides allround protection to the lifting strap, offering double security. This means that both sides can be used as contact sides. Dangerous mixups are now a thing of the past.

Straps, woven - industrial
  • Secutex Coating
  • Material Secutex
  • Secutex Edges

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