Secutex Protective Sleeve For Wire Ropes


secutex protection also for wire ropes secutex protective sleeves in combination with Spanset lifting slings are always the best choice for lifting machinery elements and other loads. Because of the design, the lifting slings are wide, the load is distributed over a relatively large area. But sometimes secutex protective sleeves are also required for wire ropes. The wire ropes have an almost round diameter, the surface area to the load is rather small and the stress per area is high. In general, the use of wire rope sleeves can only be recommended for the lifting of large, round loads, i.e. without sharp or angular edges. There are slotted and also unslotted secutex wire rope protective sleeves available for one or two strands. The slotted variants can easily be assembled afterwards, the closed types, on the other hand, have to be installed during the manufacture of the wire ropes. Please note that the wire ropes often have a larger diameter than the nominal size

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