Smyrna Dried figs

Natural, geographic signed as Eagean dried figs, all sizes,


Turkish dried figs are just dried in the sun at Aydin and Izmir (Smyrna) provinces. Sarilop figs are geographical sign registered as “Aegean Fig” produced in all towns of İzmir. All basic nutrient radicals to synthesize proteins in contained in the dried fruits. Turkish dried figs contain every kind of dietary fibers in high ratios. Smyrna dried figs are the most natural delicious and healthy fruits. Figs Product information Figs are harvested in late summer, especially in the Mediterranean area. Figs remain on their trees until they are fully ripe – when they drop down, they get immediately picked up and are dried in the sun. But before the actual packaging of the dried figs they get tested under ultraviolet light – to make sure there aren’t any signs of mold.

Vegetables, dried
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