iF-Design prize for SnapChain design Easy Chain® Zipper 1. Quickly mount cable packets in bundles 2. Loops can be adjusted and modified anytime 3. Well-suited for short lengths, ideally 5 - 10 links 4. Low-priced alternative to complex cable shears 5. TE version snap-open along outer radius - TZ version snap-open along inner radius 6. Shapely design 7. Can bend in 1 or 2 directions (RBR) 8. Available in 2 sizes When to use the SnapChain series? When easy filling is required When a cost-effective E-Chain® is required When low installation costs are required When a simple solution is required With low travel frequency iF-Design prize for SnapChain design Model TE14/TZ14 Pitch = 30.5 mm Links/m = 33(1006.5 mm) Chain length = s/2 + K Model TE26/TZ26 Pitch = 56 mm Links/m = 18 (1008 mm) Chain length = s/2 + K

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