Application specific ring sets Improved properties are: Extrusion resistance, if high pressures have to be sealed and/or bigger gaps than the normally recommended max of 25 of the packing size are found. Wiper function, if any micro scaling is found on the stem and at reciprocating movement with control valves Blow out safety, when sealing high compressed gases and fumes Pliability, with low gland forces as well good reset and adaptability for example in applications with temperature cycles. Ring Set 3335 For Control Valves up to 400 °C. Ring Set 6655 For Control Valves and staem applications up to 600 °C steam. All rings are delivered as standard in skive cut. Ring Set 6660 For Valves up to 650 °C steam. This ringset offers minimal volumeloss. The rings in the sealing zone are split as standard in 2 halves or as option delivered with a skive cut. Top and bottom ring are delivered with skive cut. Soot Blower Ring Set For soot blower applications with steam temperature up to...

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