(ePTFE) Characteristics High density and strength properties HD Tape plies during the wrapping in the thread and forms a dense PTFE film, which does not harden and stays flexible Immediate after connection of the construction parts it is possible to turn them 45° back for alignment. Chemically inert and does not react with steam, water, fuel, acids, gases or solvents. Once applied the connection can be disassembled Fretting of the threads is practically impossible Technical parameters Temperature: t = -240 … +260 °C Pressure: p = Vacuum up to +170 bar pH 0 - 14 Physical properties Color: bright yellow Thickness: 0.1 mm Area weight: 125 g/m Classification: GRp Tension strength: 9 - 14 MPa Nominal width: 10 < DN < 50 Main application For sealing all kind of thread connections as per ISO 7-1, classification GRp, with possibility of limited reverse rotation of conical/cylindrical (R/Rp) threaded connections Pipe connections in...

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