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Speedboats - Airboat «Nerpa 445KD»


Airboat «Nerpa 445KD» aero boat is a model with diesel engine having a capacity of 150hp. It is designed for 4 people: a driver and 3 passengers. The total load-carrying capacity on water is 320 kg. The sealed housing is made of high-strength aluminum. The bottom is protected by special grade polyethylene sheets. They are firmly bolted. This makes it easy to repair the cover or change it. The deck is designed in such a way that it does not accumulate water. The boat is driven by an aero unit. It includes Cummins engine, a propeller and a belt. The airboat has a full-fledged cockpit with heat and sound insulation. The cockpit has comfortable seating. Operation: steering wheel and throttle foot pedal. All necessary sensors, switches and displays are installed on the control panel. Aero boat is able to move on water, ice, snow, swamps, shallow water and land.

Product information

1100 kg
Engine Type
150 hp
Maximum water speed
70 km per hour
Maximum snow speed
100 km per hour
Fuel tank capacity
39 L
Rate of fuel consumption on ice
12 L/h
Rate of fuel consumption on snow
15 L/h
Rate of fuel consumption on water
20 L/h
Load-carrying capacity on water
320 kg
Load-carrying capacity on snow
600 kg
Vehicle registration
As small size vessel