Spring-applied brake - EEX Line

Spring-applied single-disc brakes - explosion-proof


The EEX Line includes spring-pressure single-disc brakes provided with explosion protection for explosion-hazardous areas. The spring-pressure brake with firedamp protection is suitable for underground excavations with danger of firedamp. In spring-pressure brakes with explosion protection, those parts which might ignite explosive mixtures are incorporated in a housing. If the mixture inside the housing explodes, the latter prevents a transfer of the explosion to the mixtures surrounding the housing. The brake is equipped with four thermal circuit breakers and one micro-switch. The micro-switch prevents starting against the unlifted brake. The thermal circuit breakers are series-connected with the micro-switch and interrupt the control circuit of the machine as soon as there is an inadmissibly high temperature at the brake. The brake is seawater-resistant. By means of the attached hand lifting feature, the braking effect can be manually neutralized.

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