The coding for the accessories is as follows: The first two letters refer to the type and the subsequent numbers refer to the hoisting capacity in kg’s. A few letters then follow; these refer to the surface treatment of the product. The explanation for the coding is as follows: Type coding:
 TK = spur gear boxes Version coding:
 EV = electrolytic zinc layered, min. 6 micron
 SS = stainless steel - 14301 The TK1000 en 1500 spur gear boxes are fitted with a load pressure brake, which holds the load. These boxes have an outward axel fitted with key slots. The TK1001 en 1501 casings have an inward and an outward axel fitted with key slots and can be used in situations which require a low rotation per minute. The majority of the parts are made of steel with an electrolytic applied zinc layer. The Gebuwin spur gear boxes are characterized by their solid construction. Furthermore the cranks are both adjustable and recoil free. All turning parts are supported on maintenance free...

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