Structural Blind Rivet FERO-BOLT

Structural Blind Rivetwith dome-/ countersunk head, very high shear strength


FERO-BOLT high-strength blind rivets are first-class fasteners for industrial applications, especially in those with the attension to the safety factor. Due to its special construction method, this rivet is able to take over load-bearing functions. Typical is the guaranteed flush break with the setting head. Advantages: — very high shear strength with captive mandrel that absorbs parts of the forces — large grip ranges — visually checkable interlocking of the mandrel — vibration resistant — splash waterproof — very good capability of filling the bore hole

  • structural blind rivets
  • structural rivets

Product features

Combination of materials Aluminium / Aluminium
Combination of materials Steel / Steel
Combination of materials Stainless Steel A2 / Stainless Steel A2
Form of setting head Dome head
Form of setting head Countersunk head

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Structural blind rivet FERO-BOLT

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