Vasoflon® are confined elastomeric disc structural bearings. Rotations around any horizontal axis are ensured by the deformability of a non-reinforced rubber disc, or bearing, confined within a steel monolithic base (pot). The elastomer acts as a fluid which, subject to a triaxial pressure, opposes weak resistance to deformations and simultaneous strong vertical stiffness. In addition to vertical compressive loads, Vasoflon® bearings are capable of transferring forces and/or permit sliding in one or more directions of the horizontal plane depending on the different bearing types. In movable bearing types, the mutual sliding of two plane surfaces, one of stainless steel and the other of PTFE, ensures the bearing's translation. TYPES: Vasoflon ® bearings, fixed type Vasoflon ® bearings, undirectional type Vasoflon ® bearings, free sliding type

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