Sunflower Seed Shelling Machine

KTF5-3000 Sunflower Seed Shelling Machine
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The KT5-3000 sunflower seeds dehuller is our patented product with exclusive proprietary rights and has a higher market share of 80% of market share in China. The highest perfect keel rate and maximum yield capacity of sunflower and black oil sunflower seeds are ensured by systematic shelling assembly. The production begins with raw materials being fed in the dehuller and the procedures. vertical transportation. and efficient separating sieves shelled materials. The mixture consisting of keels, husks, and unshelled seeds is discharged to a suspended separator. At this stage, a cyclone sucks and then moves hulls. followed by the separation of hulled keels and unhulled seeds with vibrating screens. The unshelled seeds will be returned to the dehuller. After passing all of the stages, the finished kernel is ready and deposited in the hopper. This product adopts a bucket elevator to transport raw materials, which can avoid blockages effectively.

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Product characteristics

Perfect kernel rate *Half of whole kernel belong to broken kernel
The content of kernel & seed in the shell
Black&oil sunflower seeds:1500-2500
Black&oil sunflower seeds:1000-1750
The content of shell in the kernel
Dimension(L * W * H)/m


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015000 Bayannaoer - China