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Swept outlet similar to ANSI B 16.19 / ANSI B 36.10 Swept outlets in pipeline construction A swept outlet is used in pipeline construction just like a welding outlet, a socket welded outlet or a threaded outlet for a 90 ° branch. A swept outlet is an alternative to the T-piece / red. In comparison to the T-piece / Red.Tee, the installation effort for a swept outlet is lower because only one hole has to be drilled into a pipe. The swept outlet can then be welded into this hole. A swept outlet differs from a welding outlet in the type of welding. While a welding outlet is only placed on the run pipe and then welded, a swept outlet is welded directly into the run pipe. Ideal stress distribution Swept outlets were developed in order to achieve the best possible stress distribution for internal pressure and pipe forces. Due to the favorable voltage level, swept outlets are often used in highly stressed pipes in the oil and gas industry.

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