TA Luft and EN15848 Valve stem packing sets

A 19 Spezial


100 % PTFE Fiber with Unique Blocking Agent Characteristics In applications with high pressure or vacuum, die formed bullrings of S4 (no food approval) are recommended Very low coefficient of friction and displays low stem/spindle frictions Long lifetime No ageing Minimized maintenance and readjustment Operating range Pressure [p max]: 25 bar, Velocity [v max]: 2 m/s Pressure [p max]: 250 bar, Velocity [v max]: 1.5 m/s Pressure [p max]: 500 bar Temperature: t = -200… +280 °C pH: 0 - 14 Density: 1.65 g/cm³ Main application Valves Fittings Gate valves Flaps Plunger Door and lid seals Suitable for Pulp and paper industry Chemical industry General Industry Form of delivery This packing can be manufactured from 3 to 40 mm square as well as in intermediate, inch sizes and special measurements. 03 - 09 mm on 1 kg spool 10 - 15 mm on 2,5 kg spool 16 - 25 mm on 5 kg spool Special length, pre-cut or die formed rings on request. 1 kg of packing of the following cross-sections is...

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