Pre-compressed Packing Set of specially impregnated PTFE fiber packing Characteristics Ring set made of pure PTFE packing and PTFE compound bull rings fulfills with a tested leakage rate of 4.2 x 10 -5 mbar · l/(s·m) the leakage criteria according to VDI 2440 +200 °C with a maximum allowable leakagerate of 1 x 10 -4 mbar l/(sm) and is suitable for temperatures up to +200 °C. Operating range Pressure without LiveLoading: p 40 [bar] Pressure with LiveLoading: p 100 [bar] Temperature without LiveLoading: t +200 °C Temperature with LiveLoading: t +200 °C pH: 0 - 14 Main application Valves Flaps Gate valves Fittings Suitable for Power plant technology Chemical industry Petrochemical plants Approvals TA Luft / VDI 2440 Certificate

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