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Low speed surface aerator
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Slow speed aerators used for aeration and mixing of urban and industrial wastewater in various processes Provided in either fixed bridge or floating designs Ideal for Aerating most types of wastewater or industrial euents The TLF® Turbine Aerator is one of the most ecient aeration products in the marketplace Produces High Mixing and Homogenous Solutions in large lagoons and ASP tanks. IP55 geared motor with IE3 highly efficient rating Coupling sleeve and based materials coated with high grade Epoxy Paint Float can me supplied in various materials including HDPE Rotor made of glass fibre reinforced polyester. The GRP has a low density which allows installation without having to empty the tank and the design also reduces the axial loads on the gearbox.

  • Treatment of industrial waste water
  • wastewater treatment
  • filters and filtration systems
  • water filtering plants

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75007 Paris - France