Test dynamometer (Durability tests for rotating elements)

axle life testing, shaft life testing, customizable capacity, customizable tests
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This system is very valuable for testing the durability and expected life of the transmissions, axles, gears, transfer cases and shafts under various scenarios. It is hard to do vehicle level durability tests and without the need of getting the vehicle on the road for replicating claims caused by the powertrain, such type of a custom system help replicate the driving conditions where problems occur and the engineering team can develop a solution and iterate on the bench. Easy to use user interface; simplicity in get the system running in a target time is our most important goal. Operators in a test center can quickly receive training and begin running a variety of scenarios. Data from low speed channels such as sensors including thermocouples, RTD temperature sensors, pressure sensors and others can be collected whereas data from fast channels such as acceleration or microphone are collected through data collection (DAQ) systems, depending on the customer's preference.

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  • Testing equipment
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