Timber acoustic panels - Woodsorba

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Thanks to the application of advanced technology and acoustic theory, the Woodsorba range of timber acoustic panels has been developed. These panels are easy to install and visually attractive due to the beauty of wood veneers. The panels decorate as well as provide a solution to reverberant noise levels inside buildings. Acoustic Performance Installation WOODSORBA is a natural wood product . When acoustic panels are stored in places where they will not be used for immediate installation, they must be sealed in airproof and moisture proof condition at room temperature as wood based materials are susceptible to moisture. WOODSORBA panels are installation friendly. They have one long edge, which has a machined tongue, and the other long edge has a machined groove. The panels are fitted by mating the tongued edge to the grooved edge resulting in a seamless run of panelling. The installation of acoustic panels should be carried out in a sequence from the left to the right, from...