Timing belt

ERO Joint®


The mechanical fastening system ERO Joint® is available on pitches T10, AT10, T20, AT20, 8M, 14M for all widths over 16mm with reinforcement Steel, Kevlar or Stainless steel. (The recommended minimum diameter for pulleys is 50mm). The ERO Joint® splice is compatible with all type of coatings (Supergrip, Linatex®, PU, Sylomer®, …) and all types of guiding. ADVANTAGES Advantages are a fast and easy installation and assembly. With the pin mechanical fastening system ERO Joint®, you will optimize your production downtime by reducing the repair time. The assembly can be realized by screwing or with a tool. This tool enables the pre-tension of belt and makes pins threading easier. ERO Joint ® Ultimate version In Ultimate version, the mechanical belt fastener ERO Joint® transmits more than 50% of the power of a Flexbelt (true endless belt): Between pulleys, there is always a ½ continuous tight side to assure the mechanical resistance and the rigidity of the belt. The ERO Joint® wide timing belts are spliced in our production using a patented process and fitted with the length requested. Alternatives ERO Joint® HP (Hinge Pin), as strong as a welded joint Mechanical strength and lifetime greater than any other mechanical fastening systems. ERO Joint® WT (Wide Timing), for large widths (patented) ERO Joint® WT is available for all pitches and all widths of more than 100 mm. Spiral seams The mechanical spiral seams system is also very easy to assemble as ERO Joint® but its mechanical resistance is lesser.

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