Trapezoidal threaded spindles


A stem or spindle with a trapezoidal thread is normally used as a movement stem (spindle). We manufacture stems (spindles) from Tr 12 to Tr 110 for drive and actuator technology, for valve construction as well as for power plant, water, waste water and theater technology.

Turning - steels and metals

Product features

Dimensions From Tr 12 mm to Tr 110 mm
Dimensions Max. stem (spindle) length: 6.000 mm
Dimensions One- or multi-start threads
Batch sizes Single item production
Batch sizes Small series production
Batch sizes Up to mass production
Materials Steel
Materials Low-alloy stainless steels
Materials High-alloy stainless steels
Materials Non-ferrous metals
Manufacturing processes Thread rolling
Manufacturing processes Thread whirling
Manufacturing processes Thread cutting
Manufacturing processes Thread turning
Manufacturing processes Surface finishing

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