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The truck dock from Lödige facilitates the loading and unloading of air cargo units onto and off trucks. Equipped with a hydraulic lifting unit and a vertical shift function, the truck dock brings conveyor elements into line with the truck loading ramp. ULDs or pallets are transferred horizontally by a powered roller conveyor. Depending on requirements, the conveyor can be replaced or combined with other technologies such as a ball deck or castor deck. A moving version of the truck dock is also available.

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Product characteristics

Truck Dock 20 ft.
14,000 kg
Dimensions (L x W)
7,585 x 2,700 mm
Truck Dock 10 ft.
7,000 kg
Dimensions (L x W)
3,640 x 2,700 mm

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34414 Warburg/Scherfede - Germany