Tube-to-tube-sheet weld head RBK 38 S

Tube-to-tube-sheet weld head RBK 38 S for orbital welding - Orbitec


With tube-to-tubesheet weld heads, it is possible to achieve consistently high-quality, reproducible welding of tubes to tubesheets, with or without additional wire. The tubes to be welded can be flush with the tubesheet, offset, protruding or behind the tubesheet. The RBK 38 S and the RBK 60 S are our two new tube-to-tubesheet weld heads. The RBK 38 S is a small, handy water-cooled head for welding tubes to tubesheets up to an ID of 36.7 mm, without additional wire. Package includes: — Weld head — Water-cooled hose package, 6 m — Pull bar B — Gas hood ID 35 mm — 0° electrode holder — Transport case Optional: — Div. electrode holders for RBK 38 S — Div. gas hoods for RBK 38 S — Div. spring sleeves and pull bar sets for RBK 38 S

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Product features

Field of application mm | inch DI 9.3-36.7mm | 0.366“-1.445“
Max. welding current 200A
Rotation speed Max. 5 U/Min
Weight 5kg

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