Tungsten layers are components of the thin-film transistors used in TFT-LCD screens. They are used wherever large screen formats, particularly high image definition and optimized contrasts are needed. But tungsten is also used as a diffusion barrier and a conductive connector in the microelectronics industry. Using the world's largest hot rolling mill for refractory metals, Plansee is able to produce the largest tungsten sputtering target on earth. The benefit to you of large formats: The coating process is more stable and the deposited layers are of higher quality. Thanks to the special forming processes Plansee's tungsten sputtering targets have a density of almost 100 %. As a result, your process benefits from a particularly high level of conductivity and time savings due to the excellent sputtering speeds.

Finished Metal Products
  • sputtering
  • PVD coating
  • tungsten

Product features

Material Molybdenum

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