Unique Method Of Construction



LIPP welded tanks are erected using the LIPP Welding Technology, a unique method of construction enabled by a custom automated rig designed and manufactured by LIPP. This procedure can claim a number of advantages over other traditional welding methods. Firstly, the unique steel profile increases stability and so reduces material costs at the same time. Secondly, the automated endless tape process continually welds layers below in a rotational cycle and reduces the number of on site workers. LIPP Welding Technology enables welding both black steel and stainless steel of different grades, allowing numerous applications. LIPP aims to increase construction efficiency through the implementation of unique techniques and technology, ultimately benefiting customers via a cost effective system. The key facets for the construction of a LIPP storage system are automation, continuously variable tank dimensions, reduced space requirements for onsite construction and increased worker safety.

Tanks, metal
  • Lipp Weldings
  • Worker Lipp
  • Tank Worker

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