Universal Method Unit

FIA Universal Method Unit P/N


In many water laboratories our Universal Method Unit facilitates the complex process of analysing the basic parameters nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and ortho-phosphate. Installation of the Universal Method Unit on our FIAcomact device allows you to successively analyse all above mentioned parameters without a system modification. Method change is fast and easy requiring only switching the valves on the method unit and exchanging the reagents without any hardware changes. The combination of FIAcompact and the Universal Method Unit enables you to work efficiently for as little as 10 samples daily. Measurement ranges of single parameters: ammonia 0,02 - 50 mg/l NH4-N DIN EN ISO 11732 nitrite 0,01 - 10 mg/l NO2-N DIN EN ISO 13395 nitrate 0,02 - 30 mg/l NO3-N DIN EN ISO 13395 ortho-phosphate 0,02 - 20 mg/l o-PO4-P DIN EN ISO 15681

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