Vacuum cleaner with a water filter


Clean the air directly when vacuuming! With the DELPHIN you can solve all typical vacuum cleaner problems. Every vacuum cleaner has to live with the compromise between suction power and retention capacity and the filters clog with sucked-in dust, which gradually reduces the suction power. With the DELPHIN, the polluted air is led into the water right at the beginning, whereby dust and pollutants are bound directly in the water. The click lamella creates an intense water vortex and is also a further cleaning stage. This system works so efficiently that it even binds fine dust and coronaviruses safely in the water. The water is simply thrown away after use. Due to the special construction of the DELPHIN DP S8, absolutely without filters, foams or sound insulation mats, the self-drying function can ensure a long service life. You can place the DELPHIN in the room as an air purification device. Or you can use the DELPHIN to clean floors and furniture.

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