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24/7 active protection systems for interior as exterior for automotive
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For the automotive sector, Reinasan has developed various systems to make objects, material and surface types easy to clean, preserve them and ensure that they remain aesthetically pleasing for longer. It also tackles microbiology at the source, preventing unwanted odours, among other things. Unwanted stains or other types of soiling can easily be removed afterwards with the environmentally-friendly and pH neutral maintenance product. This saves costs on intensive cleaning (often by external parties), heavy chemicals are unnecessary and vulnerable materials will not be affected. Guarantee periods vary between 2 and 5 years, depending on the material and/or surface type. Also, we are still looking for new distributors with their own B2B network for cooperation. Let's create a green footprint together!

  • Cars
  • public transport
  • racing car accessories
  • rental cars

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6042 PB Roermond - Netherlands