Verinox – The Innovation That Reduces Costs



Stainless steel is expensive. Verinox offers the same level of quality as the conventional material used for the construction of tanks and containers while using less stainless steel. With Verinox – the duplex material developed by Lipp – a sheet of stainless steel is joined to a sheet of galvanised steel by means of a separation layer. Three components form the basis for this material that is ideal for tank and container construction not only does it have outstanding physical properties but it also uses a reduced quantity of expensive stainless steel, resulting in lower costs. With this invention, Lipp has successfully retained the economic benefit of the LIPP Double Seam System while improving the material savings made. VERINOX ENABLES STAINLESS STEEL TO BE USED INSIDE TANKS – ESPECIALLY WITH MEDIA THAT REQUIRE SUFFICIENT RESISTANCE No open joints due to the folded design Doubly lined in stainless steel with a smooth continuous finish

Tanks, metal
  • Tank Galvanised
  • Verinox Tank
  • Double Tank

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