ViscoTec’s Hygienic Dispenser for cosmetics

Filling of abrasive fluids and pastes


The endless piston principle convinces in handling abrasive ingredients: Fillings and dosages in the cosmetics industry are subject to strict guidelines. In addition to the statutory and market standards, there are those required by the product itself. In this case, these are gels with microparticles which push some dosing systems to their limits in the manufacturing process. The contained microparticles, such as ground stone fruit seeds or alumina or plastic particles are very abrasive, but peeling pastes and body scrubs can no longer be imagined without them. Exactly this effect is desired by the consumer in order to remove surface layers of the skin. However, the handling of these highly abrasive pastes is often difficult or damages pumps and other processing machines and increases the wear of the systems extremely ̶ and thus also the running costs.

Dosing pumps
  • volumetric dosers
  • dosing pumps
  • hygienic design

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