ViscoTec Hygienic Dispenser

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The ViscoTec Hygienic Dispenser is available in 3 different sizes, allowing for volumes of 0.35ml up to 5.1ml per revolution. The smallest of dosage volumes can be perfectly dosed with a deviation of only +/- 1%. In addition to FDA-compliant components, and an EHEDG-compliant hygienic design, is the possibility of automatic cleaning via additional connection outlets. The cleaning medium is applied via the outlet in order to carry out automatic rinsing. Alternatively, the new dispensers can be disassembled quickly and cleaned manually. As in all dosing systems from ViscoTec, the VHD uses the proven endless piston technology based on the use of eccentric screw technology. For the VHD, many characteristics have been optimized and specially enhanced for use in the food and cosmetics branch. Among other things, the interior of the dispenser has been analysed and redesigned: the goal being to avoid dead volume and thus prevent contamination through harmful micro-organisms.

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