ViscoTreat-R / Preparation system and feeding system

Product supply / preparation of the medium by stirring and circulating


The ViscoTreat-R preparation and feeding system ensures an even and reliable product supply. At the same time, the medium is optimally prepared for the production process by stirring and circulating. The use of the VRP dispenser series for the further transport of the medium offers the following advantages: optimal processing of viscosities up to 50,000 mPas very low shear stress of the medium very low pressure load of the medium (max. 18 bar) - Removal of media loaded with fillers - no backflow within the sampling pump - electrical control of the pump with pressure control - no air supply necessary - valve-free pump system - no material pressure reducer necessary due to electronic pressure adjustment - Stator material is adapted to the medium to be pumped Application: - Feeding and processing of medium to highly sensitive media, e.g.: Silicones, adhesives, resins, greases, colour pastes, metal-filled pastes

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