Whole-body Vibration Meters -

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Our innovative measurement system allows for vibration measurements to be taken of whole-body vibration exposure according to ISO 2631. Its autonomous sensors that do not need to be wired during measurements and automated artefact detection provide for a user-friendly implementation and use (can be used by non-experts). Stored data is downloaded from the sensor(s) at the end of the working period to a smartphone or a PC using a Bluetooth connection. The software allows for the automatic computation and display of workers’ exposure to whole-body vibrations and indicates how such exposure compares with the limit and action values defined in the vibration Directive. The set of whole-body vibration meters (Vib@Work Seat, Vib@Work Floor & Vib@Work Detect) can measure the vibration exposure of either seated or standing operators. In addition, when used in conjunction, seat efficiency can also be measured (i.e. S.E.A.T. factors).