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MICROMEGA DYNAMICS is specialised in the manufacture of mechatronic devices to monitor, control and reduce structural vibrations. We provide engineering services to help you design, manufacture and implement industrial solutions dedicated to the online monitoring and reduction of vibrations, and high-precision mechanisms. With 20 years experience and many clients worldwide.

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The RECOVIB® industrial accelerometers bridge the gap between the performance of laboratory accelerometers (which are often expensive, fragile and offer low protection) and the robustness of industrial accelerometers (which are sometimes cheaper but often noisy and inaccurate). Our accelerometers can be deployed in industrial environments for monitoring machinery or structures. The RECOVIB® accelerometers are of proven design and the majority of the models available are widely used in a variety of fields, such as the machine tools, precision machining and on-shore and off-shore wind energy sectors in monitoring or active vibration control applications. INTERNAL SIGNAL CONDITIONING The signals from the vibration sensor are amplified and conditioned by the accelerometer unit itself before being passed to the data acquisition system through a disturbed industrial medium. Our accelerometers are equipped either with a voltage output or a 4-20 mA current output.


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The Structural Health Sensors combine a 2-axis accelerometer with a temperature sensor. Their enhanced internal surge protection and electromagnetic interference immunity make them particularly suitable for the permanent monitoring of outdoor tall structures. The Structural Health Sensors can perform measurements in extreme conditions ranging from -40°C to +85°C. They are of course dust and watertight to IP66. We have a proven track record of several thousands of such sensors operating reliably around the world.TYPICAL USE Permanent outdoor monitoring of tall structures FEATURES Acceleration measurements along 2 axes Temperature measurement of the surface the sensor is attached to Signals transmission through 4-20mA current loops Embedded Lightning Protection Operation down to -40°C MODELS Standard High Resolution


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Those dual axis inclinometers are designed to measure very small changes from the vertical level, either on the ground or in structures. They exhibit high resolution and low thermal drift. Their mechanical design and enhanced internal surge protection make them particularly useful for the permanent outdoor monitoring of structures being subjected to various influences such as loading and foundation settlement.TYPICAL USE Off-shore wind turbine foundations Bridges and piers Historical buildings Structural load testing Vessel and pontoon roll and pitch measurement Crane roll and pitch measurement Structural Health Monitoring FEATURES Biaxial High accuracy and resolution Excellent thermal stability 4-20 mA current loops for signal immunity and potentially long cable runs Enhanced surge protection Internal temperature sensor for residual thermal drift compensation Two models for horizontal or vertical mounting Easy to install


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The Recovib.Tiny is a 3-axis shock & vibration data logger. It is extremely practical for a vibration diagnosis, offering up to 6 hours of measurement. Its wireless technology and intuitive operation provides substantial time savings in the performance of your measurements. It is the only type of vibration and shock recorder that allows several sensors to be used simultaneously in a synchronized manner enabling the performance of modal analyses and operational deflection shape analyses on large structures such as bridges or Walkways. It is able to record 1024 acceleration values (shocks and vibrations) per channel per second. The RECOVIB Tiny is the smallest, lightest and the most robust recorder on the market that is able to perform recordings in extreme conditions ranging from -10°C to +50°C. It is also dust and watertight to IP65.

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Micromega-Dynamics&Recovib products available on Traceparts

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All our products, including accelerometers, smart sensors, vibration datalogger and connected monitoring systems, are now available on the TraceParts CAD platform. With TraceParts, Micromega-Dynamics has entered a cooperation with one of the world’s leading suppliers of digital 3D content for mechanical engineering. This comes along with numerous advantages, especially for engineers and planners. In the digital library of parts, registered users from all over the world can view data and images of Micromega Dynamics and Recovib products. Over 60 different CAD and graphic formats are available for download, which can be directly integrated into the respective CAD system. This allows a fast and uncomplicated development process.


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