Winding lines

Single-Layer Design
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When you deal with industrial surface treatment and your expertise is the cleaning, brushing, polishing or coating of strip steel, you most likely do not want to spend any worries about the run of the material. That’s where our Winding Lines keep your worries away – because they take care of a safe run! They work with high tension and special monitoring and deflectors to do this, with the result of a clean wound beginning to end. The machine design thus calls for especially high drive power and precision expansion systems; even something so simple as the machine base is designed special to cope with the forces… To control the precision of one layer to the next, we utilize external edge controls and servo-drive the Reels for adjustment. This way we meet the typical low tolerances in this industry – after all, the coil is the product!

  • Metal straightening machines
  • Coil handling
  • Coil winders
  • sheet metal bending machines

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47906 Kempen - Germany